Slips, Trips & Falls

Nobody is immune from the odd embarrassing slip, trip or fall, and it can happen to pretty much anyone, anywhere and at any time. However, the eventuality of some examples of slips, trips and falls can significantly increase if pre-determined levels of responsibilities aren’t met by certain accountable parties whose businesses or services operate in the public arena.

We all have the right to remain safe while walking on a pavement, as well as when negotiating thoroughfares in our workplaces, retail establishments, restaurants and bars. There have been plenty of instances when an avoidable slip, trip or fall has led to serious injury, which has affected the long-term health of victim, perhaps years after the accident.

If you’ve been hurt and believe your injury was caused by the negligence of someone else, we are here to help you. We can provide key information on how to start your claim, so you can get the financial support for your recovery from the outset and into the future.

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While these types of accident might first appear relatively minor, we have seen the impact and result of these type of accident on a victim’s quality of live thereafter, as well as the people around them. Sometimes the effect on the ongoing health and mobility of the victim can even be permanent.

Making a claim for compensation can’t undo the physical injuries you suffered as a direct result of other people’s negligence, but what it can do is help you to be financially comfortable as you look to move on.

We appreciate that any injury can trigger a range of emotions, especially if it is caused by someone else. That’s why your solicitor will also take into consideration any emotional impact you’ve endured, so as to settle your claim.

If you have a claim – or are currently thinking of making a compensation claim in the aftermath of a slip, trip or fall which wasn’t your fault – then get in touch with us for expert legal advice today.

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Most cases of slip, trip and fall claims arise in the workplace. This is the reason why every reputable company must carry ‘public liability insurance’ that will cover them in case of an accident found to be caused due to negligence in the workplace. You can make a slip, trip and fall claim when the accident is substantiated as being caused due to an act of negligence in the case of employers.

If the accident occurred in your workplace and you are not the cause of it, yet are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you can make a claim.

Among the predominant reasons for slip, trip and fall accident claims is when individuals unwittingly encounter unsafe ground conditions. Good examples of these being unexpected obstacles that cause a tripping hazard, cracked – or uneven – pavements, wet (or slippery) floors in public places and/or inadequate lightening that makes it hard to see an obstacle.

Negligence by responsible parties not highlighting or cordoning off potentially dangerous areas which can be accessed by employees or members of the public, is often the root of personal injury claims for resultant slips, trips and falls.

If you have experienced a slip, trip or fall accident in these conditions in either a work or public place which has to lead to an injury, then you could be in a string position to make a claim.

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