What Qualifies as a ‘Serious Injury’?

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The severity of an injury when discussing personal injury claims isn’t dependent on how much pain someone is suffering, as generally people tend to experience different pain thresholds. What one person might deem a serious injury, another might not. So what does qualify as a ‘Serious Injury’ in the eyes of solicitors and the law?

From a medical perspective, it’s all about identifying the injury and determining the extent as part of the initial diagnosis, followed by the long-term prognosis. Rehabilitation is also a crucial point on the subsequent path to recovery.

DIYPI are well versed in dealing with the fall-out from serious injuries which impact our customer’s lives. We have helped win compensation for countless clients who have suffered trauma and the subsequent effect it’s had their lives and the lives of their families. Be it the result of a road traffic, workplace accident, or an incident which happens in a public place, the potential to escalate into serious injuries is commonplace.

Serious Injury Claims Made Simple With DIYPI

Accidents which cause serious injuries could happen to anyone at any given time. Sudden and serious injuries can result in dramatic changes to the victim’s lifestyle thereafter, and impact significantly on the things otherwise taken for granted. Everyday things we do without thinking, including walking, talking, hearing and seeing. Such catastrophic injuries can lead to never-ending medical expenses and could mark the end of someone’s working life.  

Typically, they could result from a road traffic accident (RTA), a workplace accident or what’s commonly referred to as slip, trip or fall accidents. Another means by which an individual might sustain a serious injury is through medical or dental negligence.

A serious injury can be an injury that has resulted in a stay in hospital. One thing which links all causes of serious injuries is that they could bring about life-altering changes for victims.

What Constitutes a Serious Injury?

These can include:

  • spinal injuries,
  • amputations,
  • psychological injuries,
  • orthopaedic injuries (joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones, and nerves),
  • chronic pain or fibromyalgia,
  • serious burns,
  • injuries which result in paralysis,
  • severe head or brain trauma injuries.

Also known as catastrophic injuries, the claims which are pursued thereafter can be complex and take time to resolve.

They also often necessitate the specialist services of personal injury claims providers who can offer access to a team of experienced legal experts with knowledge of the personal injuries claims processes.

Do It Yourself with a Little Help from Us

As a personal injury claims management company, DIYPI works with the best injury solicitors in the UK to ensure you receive compensation after becoming the victim of an accident. We have dealt with all types of serious injury claims, so understand exactly how victims and their families suffer as a consequence of negligence.

We also appreciate just how many factors need to be considered when someone succumbs to a serious injury. Not least the potential of multiple procedures, follow-up care and rehabilitation that tends to supersede the initial diagnosis and treatment. All of which can restrict both the physical and psychological capacity of the injured party.

DIYPI can take care of this all for you, provide you with access to the care you need from the most qualified professionals, provide access to rehabilitation, and provide any care or advice you may need throughout the whole claims process.

How Do Serious Injuries Change Victims’ Lives?

The answer in short is, extensively. Those who fall victim to a serious injury might be facing up to a life of permanently compromised mobility, which could make an indelible mark on not just an individual’s working life as a direct result, but their private life too.

It may even be the case, depending on the type of serious injury, that the victim and their family will need to consider moving to a more suitably set-up property, to structurally compensate for their future living and ongoing care needs.

All of which requires seeking the guidance and support of those who have extensive experience of navigating serious injury claims protocols and practices like DIYPI.

What Happens Next?

The earlier clinical treatments and rehabilitation packages are put into place the better for a more optimistic long-term prognosis. Which is why looking to DIYPI can make a world of difference. We understand that each serious injury claim is unique. Appreciating that differences present in the form of circumstances, negligence, causes and liability in the specific context of an accident. And because each serious injury claim differs to others, we take an individual approach to every case.

You choose to seek compensation after befalling a serious injury for a number of reasons. A revised lifestyle outlook that counters your new needs going forward being chief amongst them. Perhaps you’re now unfit or unable to work. It may be that you require structural adaptations made to your car or home. While physiotherapy might be a necessity for the foreseeable future. All this costs money, which serious injury compensation packages will provide for in the long run.

Let Us Help You to Help Yourselves

So, get in touch with DIYPI today to find out more how you can do it yourself with a little bit of help from us. The ‘it’ being serious injury claims, the ‘us’ being one of the UK’s leading personal injury claims management specialists.

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