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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Based on the type of road traffic accident you were involved in, you can make a claim for personal injury. A variety of RTA claims exist, so as to help protect passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other motorists and road users, in the event their health and safety are impacted by an accident. If you have been affected by a road traffic accident, contact us today for more advice.

UK road accident statistics.

Data published by the Department of Transport in 2019, revealed that some 26,610 drivers and road users were seriously injured – or killed – in a road traffic accident here in the UK, as recently as 2018.

Meanwhile, research conducted as part of a broader national travel survey a year earlier, in 2017, found that approximately 165,100 people suffered some level of injury on Britain’s roads. Figure-wise, this amounted to 10% of adult users said to have been adversely affected by an accident, while a third of these people suffered from injuries consistent with being involved in a road traffic accident.

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In 2019 reveals that 26,610 driver and road users in the UK were seriously injured and killed in a road traffic accident in 2018.

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