Motorcycle claims

Motorcycle compensation claim

Motorcyclists are significantly more vulnerable than other road users, and are more at risk of serious injuries, if an accident should occur.

Typical causes of motorbike accidents

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Damaged or faulty road surfaces
  • Other road users
  • Loss of control
  • Dooring

While there are situations where the motorcyclist is at fault, often it’s a case of other parties present at the scene of a motorcycle accident, who are responsible, by their reckless driving. Which in turn means there could be a feasible reason to make a compensation claim for the personal injury suffered.


Historically, there’s always been a great deal of unjust bias shown towards motorcyclists, based on the misguided belief that all bikers ride to the limits, implying that their actions are in some way to blame for resultant accidents on the roads. 

However, we continue to challenge and ultimately debunk this sweeping generalisation, courtesy of our expert legal teams successfully representing injured parties and winning cases. 

Some cases may be clear cut, while others may be disputed.

Specialist motorcycle accident solicitors have experienced this before, and as such know exactly how to negotiate these types of cases which will lead to favourable outcomes for our clients.

Essentially, the solicitors we use know exactly how to help you get the compensation you deserve. Naturally, the more evidence you can provide with reference to your accident and personal injury claim, the stronger the case that will be built, so as to afford you a compensation package.

Injury Claim

Can I claim for a loved one?

In some scenarios, it is other people close to the victims of a motorcycle accident who will make the claim on the injured biker’s behalf.

Perhaps they have been too badly injured and physically, or psychologically, unable to reach out to personal injury claims companies as they seek legal representation. We are here to make the whole process as stress-free as possible, allowing a loved one to make a claim if they are concerned about the injured party’s health and wellbeing while they’re on the road to recovery.

Though claiming will not change certain emotional aspects of situations such as these for a loved one, what it will do is minimise any financial pressures, giving the victim ready access to any special treatment that may lead to a more rapid recovery.

It’s worth noting that in the tragic event of a loved one (husband, wife or civil partner) dying in a fatal motorcycle accident that was not their fault, you are entitled to set about making a claim on their behalf. Irrespective of how long the marriage or civil partnership had lasted. For those not married, the rules of practise in these cases are slightly different.

Can I claim for a partner if un-married?

Unmarried couples can only bring a claim if you had cohabited with your partner for at least 2 years prior to the fatal accident.

How long do I have to make the claim for a loved one if they have died due to the accident?

If you are eligible to make a claim, you will start the process within 3 years of their death, and the areas of compensation for which you might be entitled as a survivor of the victim include funeral expenses, bereavement and dependency (i.e. if you depended on them for your income).

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