Dental negligence claims

Similar to medical negligence a dental negligence claim covers you if a dentist fails to take proper care when performing dental work or surgery.

This can be in the form of a physical injury, phycological suffering or loss of financial earnings.

There are many forms of dental negligence, this could include but not limited to:

Dental negligence can cause significant pain, as well as finance and emotional suffering. Dentists like doctors have a duty of care to keep you safe.

Can I claim against an NHS Dentist?

Yes, any dental practitioner can be held accountable for dental negligence if they have breached their duty of care, including private or NHS dentists. Any claim made against the NHS will go through a government set up insurance company called NHS Resolution.

Will I need a medical assessment?

A medical assessment may be necessary dependent on the injury suffered cause by dental negligence. DIYPI will organise for your medical assessment to take place and this will be used by the solicitor to strengthen your claim for compensation.

Why should I make a dental negligence claim?

Dental negligence can cause you significant pain. If you have suffered due to dental malpractice then you should claim compensation to cover any medical expenses, financial loss including loss of earnings and travel expenses. Claiming fair and just compensation can mean you get the apology you deserve.

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