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Cycling can leave you vulnerable to many factors that could lead to an accident resulting in a serious injury however, it’s also important to note that following a bicycle accident, many people can – and do – suffer from, emotional distress.

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Psychological Stress

In addition to a serious physical injury, some cyclists suffer from psychological stress too.

During the healing process – the duration of which fluctuates from person to person, depending on injuries and personal circumstances – some people notice signs of increased stress. One such condition often cited being Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD).

Elsewhere, anxiety, depression, anguish, fearfulness, issues with sleep and reoccurring nightmares about the crash can play out.

Bicycle Claims

These intense emotions can lead to avoidance. Some victims of bicycle accidents on the roads may consciously seek to avoid cycling again. Such examples of avoidance might include not going to work, failing to attend appointments, events, school, etc. All due to the dormant fear of being involved in another accident. When symptoms start getting in the way of day-to-day functioning, it may be a sign to take action.

Did you know?

While occupants travelling in cars account for the greatest number of road traffic accident casualties annually, that’s hardly surprising. Given that cars make up 80% of traffic on UK roads.

What comes as a more startling statistic is the fact that as recently as 2016, some 18,477 cyclists were injured as a result of RTA’s. A figure of which, and according to ROSPA, also comprised of 3,499 either seriously injured or killed.

Were you aware that men are considered far more likely to be involved in cycling accidents than females? A statement supported by more eyebrow-raising facts released in 2016, which pointed at 81% of those injured in a reported RTA were male.

Looking at associated figures available for 2018, and again, studies make for grim reading. 13,345 reported suffering slight injuries, compared to 4,106 who were confirmed as receiving serious injuries, while 99 bike riders were tragically killed. All the above counts of both injuries and deaths, being caused by RTA’s.

To add another layer to this hard-hitting stat, the figures depicted above are only the ones that have been reported to police.  Many serious casualties involving a cyclist – and leading to subsequent hospitalisation – are not officially recorded.

Injury Claim

Can I claim for my bike and kit?

Yes, the value of your belongings including your bike and any other kit damaged in your accident will be included when calculating your compensation.

I got my bike through the cycle to work scheme, can I still claim?

Yes you can still claim as the company will put the bike in the employees name when purchasing.

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