Leg injury claims

Leg injuries can be caused by a range of accidents and can heavily affect your day-to-day life, if you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you can claim compensation for your leg injury.

What is leg injury?

Leg injuries are common in road or sports accidents slips trips or falls, or accidents at work. An injury to the leg can seriously affect your daily life and cause you to take time off work, which could lead to a loss of finances.

Recovering from a leg injury can be a lengthy process and could require you to receive further treatment from a physiotherapist or trainer.

We can help you gain compensation for the full injury, including for any further treatment you may need. We will also help you source any further treatment from the best medical practitioners.

Leg Injury Claims

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Injury Claim

How much compensation can I get?

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How can DIYPI help?

We can help you get a fair and honest trial; we will fight for justice and ensure you gain the maximum compensation for your injury. We will manage your case from start to finish and ensure you obtain the best solicitor for your case.

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