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Burns injuries can be painful, traumatic, and can often lead to permanent scarring. If your injury was caused by the negligence of others, you are able to burn injury claims.

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Types of burns Injuries

Burns are classified into three categories:

First degree burns: Or superficial burns. Cause pain and redness to the outer layer of the skin.

Second degree burns: Particularly thickness burns affect the lower levels of the skin. These may turn red and blister, and potentially damage the dermis of the skin (tissue under the skin nerve endings, sweat glands, and hair follicles). It could cause a person to go into shock due to a lack of fluids.

Third degree burns The most serious of burns injuries, where all three layers of skin are damaged. The skin loss caused by a third-degree burn could require skin grafts and surgical procedures.


No matter the seriousness of your burn injury, DIYPI can help you gain compensation for your injury.

Burn injuries can happen in a wide range of locations, it could result from an accident at work, a road traffic accident, an industrial accident, or possibly even medical negligence. No matter the reason for your burn’s injury, if someone else was at fault, you can file a Burn Injury Claims and Compensation you deserve.

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How much compensation can I get for burns?

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