Back injury claims

Back pain is quite common, and sometimes the exact cause is hard to pinpoint but if you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you can claim compensation.

Back pain or injury

An injury to your back can cause severe pain and can trigger further problems in other areas of your body. Back pain can be caused by the joints, bones or tissues around the spine, and can be initiated by a number of accident types.

As the back is such an intricate structure it is always best to get checked by a medical professional, but this may mean you have to take time off work and can result in additional costs, we can help you gain compensation for any financial losses you may experience due to your back injury from the accident that wasn’t your fault.


Back injuries can seem minor at first but can result in chronic back pain or problems in the future. 

Ensure you are fully compensated for any loss of earnings, treatments or rehabilitation and get in touch today.

Try our compensation calculator to find out how much your claim could be worth

Injury Claim

How much compensation can I get?

Try our compensation calculator to find out how much compensation you might be owed.

How can DIYPI help?

We can help you get a fair and honest trial; we will fight for justice and ensure you gain the maximum compensation for your injury. We will manage your case from start to finish and ensure you obtain the best solicitor for your case.

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