How to Claim Against Public Liability Insurance.

Nobody wants to imagine that they’ll ever need to make a public liability insurance claim against a business or organisation, yet for a lot of people it’s a stark reality. If you’ve suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, in a scenario where the duty of care to you was neglected by the offending party, then the chances are you’re legally entitled to compensation. Which is where DIYPI are here to help.

While statistically the likelihood of you being the victim of a slip, trip or fall accident in a public space has seemingly diminished over the pandemic, but as we emerge from restrictions and head back out again you could be more and more at risk of suffering an accident.

Public Liability Claims on Downward Trend, Yet Likelihood Of Suffering Personal Injury in Public Place a Risk That Won’t Go Away

According to public liability claims registered with the government-backed Compensation Recovery Unit, there were some 72,587 claims made in the year ending 31st March 2020. Acknowledged as the lowest figure in the last decade and representing a decrease of 15% over the previous 12 months.

Fluctuations are commonplace however, and the fact of the matter is that many thousands of ordinary people are impacted by personal injuries relating to public liability failings each and every year. And if you’re one of those people, you need to know what the process of claiming against public liability insurance policies held by those responsible entails.

Public liability insurance policies cover a multitude of potential claims causes, with some of the most recurrent instances being identified as:

  • Construction workers’ tools falling off a scaffolding and causing damage to a car belonging to the business’ customer.
  • A customer suffering facial burns in the aftermath of a beautician waxing eyebrows.
  • A customer slips on damp stairs that their cleaner has just cleaned.
  • Due to faulty fitting a pipe becomes loose and ends up flooding a customer’s home, after a plumber installs a new shower.
  • A customer of a fast-food restaurant unwittingly consumed undercooked chicken, leading to a stomach upset with the establishment’s food hygiene called into question.

These are just a handful of examples which could potentially lead to a claim against a public liability policy, so now you’ll need to learn how to go about making one.

Here’s How to Make a Claim Against a Company or Organisation’s Public Liability Insurance

Looking at the last example from above, eating badly prepared food in a public place could see the victim making a public liability claim against the proprietor. This is based on the fact that they might have ended up in hospital in a more severe case of food poisoning, and as a result unable to return to work for a while. Lost earnings and medical bills would therefore be met by the restaurant owner’s public liability insurance.

Firstly, you must gather evidence from the scene of your misfortune if that’s possible. This can take various forms, and in the case of physical or structural injury then photographic evidence will go a long way towards your compensation claim. In relevance to the example above, a photo of the food that made you ill.

Secondly, it’s imperative that you recognise who you are going to claim against. Be it a business or public entity, like for instance if your slip, trip or fall injury was sustained while walking on an uneven surface on a street. Whereby the local council would be culpable, and subsequently identified as the responsible party. However, if you are unsure who owns the land, we can help you by investigating this further.

Thirdly, you need to compile credible information surrounding the circumstances of the accident which befell you, while next you should speak with a dedicated personal injury solicitor to establish how much your claim could be worth based on the details of the incident. Our team of personal injury solicitors are well versed in this key part of the public liability claims process.

Penultimately, it’s important to contact the party you have identified as the culprit and who you hold responsible for the negligence. Notifying them of your intention to claim against their public liability insurance. Finally, you begin negotiations.

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That’s a summarised account of what public liability claims is about and how best to go about pursuing a claim for compensation if you’ve experienced a personal injury resultant from a business or organisations negligence when in the public domain.

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