Housing Disrepair

Housing Disrepair Claims

If you’re renting accommodation, your landlord must ensure that your new home is fit to be lived in, from the day they let it to you. This would also apply if the issue becomes obvious during your tenancy.

If you are a tenant living in a council house – or a residential property belonging to a housing association – and you have reported a disrepair to your landlord which has not been carried out, then you can make a claim for compensation.

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Our dedicated panel of expert solicitors collect the facts about each individual disrepair complaint and consider if your landlord is in breach of their tenancy agreement. The solicitors will then carry out an initial assessment of your case and then instruct a professional surveyor to complete a report. This report will seek to identify any repairs that need fulfilling, and request that the landlord acts upon these recommendations and subsequently carries out said property repairs within an agreed time frame.

We will consider an injury – or episode of ill-health – suffered as a result of the disrepair, along with any other losses such as damage to clothes, carpets, furniture etc.

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Before starting legal action, you must make sure you have reported the repairs and given your landlord time to complete them. You must also gather all the evidence needed to lend documented support to your claim. Your evidence could include copies of letters that show you have reported the problem to your landlord, together with any photographs which show examples of the disrepair or damaged property.

Any receipts proving you had to replace things that had been damaged or destroyed by the problem, will also strengthen your case. Likewise, any medical reports explaining how your health has been affected and any report from your council’s environmental health department will substantiate your claim for housing disrepair compensation.

You can claim compensation if you’ve suffered inconvenience or have not been able to use your home in the normal way as a result of the landlord’s failure to repair your home. Or experienced significant disruption during repair work.

How much compensation you could receive depends on the level of disrepair, the rent you pay and the impact that the repair problems had on you and your family’s health, both mental and physical.

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