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Our goal at DIYPI is to provide zealous representation, ultimately leading to compensation being secured for you and your family. We are equipped with everything it takes to handle your claims, together with benefitting from extensive trial experience. We will help you find the best possible outcome in your case, and pride ourselves in our unswerving commitment to our clients.

Our team are always fully aware of any industry changes and emerging trends, while constantly remaining mindful of how litigation should be handled to protect you.

 Choose the Very Best Legal Representation for Personal Injury Compensation Claims, By Choosing DIYPI

We are specialists in helping you gain access to the top legal brains within the UK. Having worked within the legal sector for 18 years, we can introduce you to the right law firm to work tirelessly on your behalf. Firms which will handle your claim both professionally and robustly from beginning to end, seeking the maximum compensation that you deserve.  

Whether you’re injured in a workplace accident, road accident or slip or fall accident, you can count on DIYPI to help you every step of the way. We make it our business to ensure that your claims are feasible and straightforward, and that as a result of this, you receive the personal injury compensation that you’re entitled to.



We listen to your concerns, provide solutions to your questions and action our specialist panel of solicitors to afford YOU free advice on the best actions to take.


Our team benefit from many years of experience working alongside the countries best law firms. We will review your case, ultimately ensuring that you will be passed on to the best solicitor. With the specific claim type expertise to ensure your best chances of personal injury compensation claim success.


Our experts will explain every step of the personal injury claims process every step of the way. To ensure that you’re fully aware of your claims progress and its outcome.


DIYPI endeavour to give you a fair and honest trial. We will fight for justice, as we professionally go about ensuring that you’re provided with the compensation you deserve.

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Can honestly say they have help a lot and I would recommend them such lovely people that are there to help and support you can't thank them enough for everything...



You all are very helpful thanks for your support

Brian B


Very Very helpful and do as much as they can to help ?

Kyle H


Very good at answering questions you want to know, always reply to you and always get updates on the process! Highly recommend!

Halie P


Voice to voiceless!!

Robert I




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