Bicycle Accident Compensation – what should you do if you ever find yourself in a bike accident

Bicycle Accident Compensation

Bicycle Accident Compensation

The UK government has recently outlined stark data of road traffic accidents, including reports that cycle traffic increased by 96% from 2004-2020. 

The significance of the rise places a focus on an increasing danger to vulnerable cyclists across the UK, where even a low-speed accident can prove serious and, in some instances, fatal. 

Bicycle Accident Injuries

The Department for Transport found that the number of cyclists killed in 2020 rose by 40%.  Although it is incredibly important to address road safety as a means of prevention, equally important is understanding your options following bicycle accident injuries, particularly at the hands of someone else’s negligence. 

 Instances which represent accidents which are not the cyclists fault include: defective equipment such as the improper manufacturing of the bicycle or safety equipment, where roads (including cycle lanes) are in poor condition, and where another vehicle is involved and at fault. 

Victims need not just be those involved, but in the worst cases, families left behind following a fatal crash. 

Bicycle Accident Compensation cannot replace harm done; however, we hope that it can help you manage with both physical and mental suffering that you may face at the hands of someone else.

What should you do if you ever find yourself in a bike accident?

First and foremost, you should ensure that you are safe and out of further harms way. If you or someone else is injured, you should call an ambulance or ask someone nearby to do so. 

If another party is involved, you must get the other party’s details including their name, postal and email address, telephone number and vehicle registration. 

Avoid Conflict 

Do not attempt to blame the other party nor admit fault. Take photos or attempt to obtain evidence, if you can identify CCTV at the scene you should attempt to obtain the footage as soon as possible. If there is a road defect, you should ensure that you can scale the size on the photo by placing an object near it. If present, get witnesses and their details, including their name, postal and email address, and telephone number. 

Report the incident to the police as soon as ‘reasonably possible’ but always within 24 hours. You should then visit A&E or your GP, even where you may feel immediately fine, the accident may have caused longer term effects which you may not be able to identify yourself. 

Call Your Insurer

Finally, you should call your insurer, outlining when, where and what happened. This information includes the damage that has been caused to yourself, you’re your possessions. Following the accident, you should keep your damaged items. This may be needed as evidence to support your potential insurance claim, this includes not only your bike, but your helmet, clothing, and any accessories. 

Do not attempt to repair your bike until you have permission from either your insurer or the other party’s insurer.

Whether you are a commuter, a competitor, or recreational
cyclist, we seek to help you through your personal injury claim, and Bicycle Accident Compensation providing you with the means to restore your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Our help includes:
ensuring you are properly compensated for damaged possessions, bike repairs or replacement, medication and medical costs, lost earnings.

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